Thursday, April 21, 2011

One year today... I began to log miles on my Nike Plus wrist band April 21, 2010.  I am in much better shape physically and mentally.  Physically everyday movements are easier, I feel stronger and more powerful.  I have less aches and pains.  All the other activities and sports are more enjoyable, because I perform better without running out of energy or strength.  Mentally I am more at peace.  I am able to have clear concise thoughts.  My mind is less jumbled, less affected by the multitude of everyday decisions.

Anyway here is the data from the year.

236 workouts
186 hours 30 minutes
1,105 miles
10' 07" average pace
133,796 calories

OK, time to get going on this year!

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  1. Seriously, great job Sean. That is pretty impressive. Not many people can say that they've done this. Physically, okay... mentally, jury's still out. Ha, ha.