Monday, April 4, 2011

Run of the week, Trail Run

1,037 miles on the Nike plus watch since I got it April 21, 2010

3.21 miles, 9' 24" pace, stone dust track, sunny, 40 degrees, Vomero 5

5.04 miles, 11' 55" pace, trail/hiking, sunny, 55 degrees, Vomero 5

2.08 miles, treadmill, raining, Free

5.40 miles, 10' 05" pace, road/turf, cloudy, 35 degrees, Vomero 5
( data seems off, pace slow, chip may be worn out)

5.03 miles, 9' 07" pace, trail/track, 55 degrees, sunny, Vomero 5

20.78 miles this week, Sunday start day

My favorite run of the week was the trail run.  It began on a wide, fairly open trail.  Within a quarter mile the trail narrowed and became full of rocks and roots.  I felt awkward and clumsy trying to run on this rough terrain.  I found it difficult to watch the ground and follow the trail.  I continued on for two miles, trying to maintain pace.  Then amazingly something clicked, all at once I can follow the trail.  Look up find the path then back down at the ground to choose my footing carefully.  I use a short stride and take many small steps between the rocks.  Now I'm smiling and don't want to stop.  This is fun, different from the normal road or track.  No cars, no noise, nothing man made, surrounded by nature.  My trail takes me past a few rock outcroppings which overlook the open space.  Now I am begining to understand the popularity of trail running.  I can't wait to go back and take more pictures...having trouble doing this place justice with words.

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