Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Off

Ocean Kayak
Seaquel Paddle
I'm not sure if I will run today.  The thermometer rose above freezing and the ice was gone from the harbor, so why not go kayaking for an upper body workout.  The water is clear early in the season, allowing me to see the bottom as my kayak glides through the water.  The sensation of floating on the water as the bottom passes by is relaxing.  My pace is smooth and constant for what I guess to be about two miles.  I stayed in the harbor because it's cold, windy, and somewhat dangerous to go off shore when the water is so cold.  I do wear a Kokatat semi-dry suit in cold weather for added warmth and safety.  This time of year I have the bays and harbors pretty much to my self.  Wildlife is abundant.  The sound of the water trickling off the paddle can be heard with every stoke.  The sun is shining keeping me warm despite temperature in the 30's.  This is a nice way to get outside and find peace.

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  1. Nice shot of the Kayak... It looks so perfect, I thought it was a stock photo... Good use of angles in the dock. Oh, now I get it... Your better half took it!