Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to Nike Vomero 5

974 miles on the Nike plus watch since I got it April 21, 2010

Last run 5.31 miles, 40 degrees, cloudy
10.49 miles this week, Sunday start day

Today I switched back to my Nike Vomero 5's to see how the feel compared to the Nike Free's.  I instantly noticed a higher heel. The road feel and flexibility is far less when running in the Vomero 5's. They are also heavier. The cushioning however is far superior. On asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces I prefer the Vomero 5's. Each placement of the foot is less jarring, more forgiving on the body. It's a trade off though, should I be fast and carefree or comfortable and secure? Depends on the day!

I guess the answer is one of each. Alternate between the shoes. It's better anyway to have two pair of shoes. Giving the shoes a day off, allows the cushioning time to expand back to the original shape. This helps the shoe to absorb impact. The shoes can also thoroughly dry between runs. All these little details help, especially during long distance runs.

Oh, one trick to help you extend the distance you run. Always finish the mile you started. If your planning on running about 3 miles and your at 3.25 go to 4. That last three quarters of a mile is a bonus. Think of it that way and it's easy!

Another thing I like to do, when running longer distances on a track, is run the far outside lane. On my track the inside lane is .25 of a mile, the outside lane is close to .3 of a mile. Every four laps is 1.2 miles when running the outside lane. Meaning you run fewer total laps while still covering the same distance.

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