Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nike Free Run Plus (day two)

969 miles on the Nike plus watch since I got it April 21, 2010

Last run 5.18 miles, 40 degrees, sunny, 10:00 AM
5.18 miles this week, Sunday start day

BINGO. The rubberized 1/4 mile track is the perfect surface for my Nike Free's.  Soft enough so each foot landing isn't jarring, yet firm enough to be fast.  The surface of the track is felt with each step.  The flat surface allows the foot to land positive and secure.  I love running on this track, it has the BOING factor.

So this run did not start with bliss.  I over thought every detail.  Should I run or drive to the track?  Should I bring two pairs of shoes?  What should I bring to drink?  Will I be OK running another day on the Free's?  What should I wear?  Is it cold, windy?  It was pathetic.  (oh by the way I forgot to bring a drink)  For this reason I love running first thing in the morning, roll out of bed and go.  No thought, still asleep until the first steps are run.  After the run I am positive and energized, ready for the day.  Also, in the cold weather I can think of the warm cup of coffee waiting for me at home.  Nothing better than that in the winter!  My mind was all jumbled for the first few miles.  My body awkward, every movement over thought.  Then I took a couple of deep breaths, relaxed my mind.  By mile three my body moved on it's own.  I lost track of laps and time.  The Nike Plus watch is fantastic for this reason.  It keeps track and does the math so I don't have to.  My mind now relaxed could think clearly about family, friends, ideas, whatever.  One clear concise thought at a time.  Functioning at it's peak without interruption.  In the zone and at peace.

I run because it's what I love.  There's nothing I would rather be doing at that time.  I'm not preparing for a race, or trying to burn calories, not trying to impress anyone.  It's simple, primal, what humans did before any other sort of transportation.  What is ingrained in our DNA.

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