Friday, March 25, 2011

On Track and Free

1,009 miles on the Nike plus watch since I got it April 21, 2010

Last run 5.05 miles, 9:06 pace, rubber track, sunny, 42 degrees
12.38 miles this week, Sunday start day

Now with a new Nike plus chip in my Nike Free's, I'm anxious to get out for a run.  In the late afternoon I found time to get to the track.  The flexibility of the shoe allows for more foot movement.  I can feel my toes pushing off the track at the end of each stride.  Every time I run in these shoes I have the urge to accelerate to a faster pace.

I do feel my foot muscles working harder when I run in the Free's.  They also make me concentrate more on my stride.  I can't get away with letting my foot hit the ground in any fashion.  Leg movements have to be precise, otherwise the foot hits hard against the ground. I think this would help build muscle and improve the efficiency of my stride.

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