Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treadmill Running

980 miles on the Nike plus watch since I got it April 21, 2010

Last run 6.06 miles, treadmill, raining
16.56 miles this week, Sunday start day

A nervous feeling came over me today.  I wasn't comfortable and found it difficult to focus.  The sensation is that of being over caffeinated.  Fortunately, my cure for this is a run.

It's raining today, so I hit the treadmill in my Vomero 5's.  The treadmill can be boring, I need music or some sort of entertainment.  I loaded the Pandora App on my new iPad, tuned into my Zac Brown station, and started my run.  I wanted to chill out, get into a rythm, hear some wholesum lyrics, and cruise through six miles.  Country fit the bill.  My music choice is determined by my mood.  Sometimes Kesha, sometimes a quick mix of James Taylor, The Smiths, The Cure, Jimmy Buffet, Green Day, The Grateful Dead, Kesha, Sugarland, Zac Brown, etc.  An eclectic mix.

A few tricks I learned which help me avoid boredom and keep me motivated on the treadmill.  First, the time should be set for longer than you plan to run.  There is nothing worse than getting into a groove and having your program end prematurely. I often find I run the entire time, even though it's much farther than I planned at the start.

The second trick is to set a program which changes elevation.  When the treadmill raises to a higher incline, I find myself competing against the machine.  Knowing that after a few minutes the incline will decrease making the running easier.  It gives me goals to conquer throughout the run.

My treadmill is mediocre at best.  I have run on high quality treadmills at gyms or resorts and it makes a huge difference.  The decks are longer and wider.  The mechanism is smoother.  Many have cushioning built into the deck.  I only use mine when absolutely necessary so no need to upgrade.  Most days I run outside regardless of the weather.

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